Sermon Podcasts

Elder Neil Phelan Jr. preaches each Sunday morning. We happily provide link to recent sermons below from our Sermon Audio podcast.

We are signed with You can listen to or download our sermons there. The direct link is

You can also download a sermon to play on another device or to burn to disk by clicking on this link -- podcast downloads --  and a new window should open where you can option click or right click on these links to download the sermons. This link is an XML file, so some browsers may have trouble.

Latest Sermon Uploads

CD Ministry

To order a CD recording of a sermon or series of sermons, email our CD distribution office at

There is no fee for this service. However, donations can be made to

Harmony Primitive Baptist Church
413 N. Front St.,
P.O. Box 351,
Donaldson, AR 71941