The Grand Trial of the Universe

22 January 2013

Though many Christians do not realize it, there was a grand trial many years ago and their eternal destiny hung in the balance. You see, salvation is not a decision. It is not obtained by doing good works. Salvation is by grace, obtained by our righteous Advocate, the Lord Jesus Christ. He stood before the righteous Judge of the universe and represented His people, the elect. He is an overall sketch of how it went.

WE HAVE A COURTROOM: The council halls of eternity

WE HAVE A JUDGE: There is a judge presiding over the case. It is not a trial by jury .But we have a judge who will announce the final decision. The Judge is the Righteous Judge of the universe: God the Father.

THERE ARE THE ACCUSED: The accused criminal stands before the Righteous Judge charged with many, many crimes. We are the accused. Guilty as charged.

WE HAVE A DEFENSE ATTORNEY: We have the defense attorney to defend them. One who will plead their case: This is our Righteous Advocate, Jesus Christ.

THERE WAS ALSO THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY: We have the prosecuting attorney who is charging them with their crimes. This person is Satan, the accuser of the brethren.

The court is in session , let us hear the final outcome and the sentence the judge will pass down.

First comes the prosecutor, Satan: He approaches the bench, and begins his argument with many facts, well known by the general public. He points to Adam’s fall, and his relationship to the whole human race as their representative head. He reminds the judge that even though many will say that Adam has nothing to do with them, they have proven that he does by their own crimes. If some could possibly be found without crimes, they would at least be guilty in him, though none could be found. Then he points to Cain as the first evidence of this truth. For no reason, he murdered his own brother. The prosecutor then illustrates very accurately the way mankind was before the flood, when the thoughts of every man was only evil continually. He reminds the Righteous judge that He destroyed the earth Himself with a flood because of their wickedness. Then he snickers in The Righteous Judge’s face, reminding Him that he left a seed of 8 souls to try it all over again, and that failed as well because evil men and seducers continue to wax worse and worse. Then he reminds the Righteous Judge of Israel, how they took His blessings, yet served the gods of the Canaanites. Then he proceeded to the cross where the greatest crime of the universe was committed. He graphically illustrates how that His own Holy, Righteous Son was beaten to a pulp, and finally crucified by His own people for crimes that he never committed.

He then becomes very specific, and personal about every one of us, showing that we are no better. He mentions fornication, adultery, murder, sodomy, lying, cheating, stealing, drugs, alcohol, and the ungodly tongue. He states that even though there were some that He continually referred to as His sheep, these had all gone astray in some or more of these things. His closing remarks were very conclusive:There is none righteous, no not one. He notes that every man, at his best state, is altogether vanity!! He reminded the judge that even though these criminals might have done some good works, they are still guilty sinners, and are not fit for heaven. Then he reminds the Righteous Judge about His own righteous law, that“whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” He quoted this very statute by code from the book of law. Finally, he challenges the Holiness of the Righteous Judge: “Judge, This is what you said. Hell is what your law demands. You cannot lie. Your Holiness can not swerve from your law one jot or title.”

The argument was well prepared, and everyone in the courtroom knew it was all true, even the Righteous Judge. For most of these crimes, as we have noted, were not done in a corner. There were smoking guns all over the courtroom. The evidence was accurate, and the Omniscient Judge knew every detail before the accuser made his case. Justly accused, that is where we stood before the Righteous Judge of the Universe. The prosecutor felt that he had an airtight case. He retires.

Next comes the accused, the defendant. The defendant has no real rights in this courtroom, but is allowed to speak. That is you. So, what would you say?

Some in the courtroom are telling the Judge that it is none of his business what they do. Others are saying they had nothing to do with Adam, and the whole story is just a fable in the first place. Still others are saying that there is no such thing as right and wrong, that this is just a kangaroo court. Yet, there are many, who know they are justly condemned that we hear saying, “Lord, have mercy on me a sinner.” And over there is one who is saying, “Lord, remember me when thou comest in to thy kingdom.” So there are cries of mercy, and favor from one group, and those of utter hatred for the judge from another group: A pitiful bunch of people.

Finally, it is time for the defense attorney, the Righteous Advocate. That is Jesus. This Righteous Advocate has been appointed by the court because no one else could, or would take the case. There was none in heaven or in earth that was worthy of this case or had the proper credentials. But the good thing about this appointed attorney was this: He was the Judge’s only Beloved Son. The prosecuting attorney did not like this. He asked for a mistrial. But there was nothing he could do about it. It was all perfectly legal!

The Righteous Advocate approaches the bench. Everyone becomes silent. He looks in His Fathers face. Then He looks on the defendants. Then he peers into the eyes of the prosecutor, Satan, who flinches a little at the brightness of His coming. The first thing that comes out of the Righteous Advocate’s mouth is something the world, all of the people, never expected. He says, “Take all of those that spoke unkindly to my Father, the Righteous Judge, and cast them into outer darkness. I will defend those I want to defend and I will not defend these. The bailiffs get busy and clear the courtroom of those wicked people. The only ones left are those that knew they were justly accused, those who begged for mercy, and favor. Yet these are as numerous as the stars of the sky and the sand of the sea.The next thing the defense attorney brings before the court is a part of the law that the prosecuting attorney had never considered. The accuser wasn’t as brilliant as he thought he was when he 1st began this campaign in the garden. You see, the Son well knew the Righteous Law better than the accuser. The Son knew His Father’s righteousness, and he knew that the Righteous Judge could still retain his righteousness by letting those He loved go free provided someone else would agree to suffer in their place for all of their crimes. So the Son, the defense attorney, the Righteous Advocate, brings this legal document before the Judge. The Righteous Judge allows this document to be permitted into the case, and asks who will suffer for the accused.

There was silence for about half an hour. As it was, there was none found in heaven, or earth that would.... nor were there found any that could...there were none in the universe that had the ability to suffer for so many crimes. So, the Son, the Righteous Advocate said, “Father, I will suffer for them. I can’t do it as God, but I can as man. I will leave our home, and become as they are, yet without sin, and you can inflict all of the your wrath upon me in their stead. Though it grieved the Father, He loved those who cried for mercy, and favor so much that He agreed to the plan of redemption. The court was adjourned for three days and nights.

So the defense attorney, The Righteous Advocate, took all the crimes that were against those that cried for mercy and favor, and nailed them to His cross, in His Body, and there they died. In His suffering, the Father had to turn his back on His Son. He could not bear to see His Son in such torments. But according to plan, the crimes could not lay hold on the Son. He was without sin and the prison of hell had to release Him, and all of those sins placed upon him went flying into the wilderness.

The court was called back into session. It was at this time that those who knew they were justly condemned, those that begged for mercy and favor, were set free. No charges could further be made against them. By this substitution, no righteous laws were broken, and God retained His Holiness. Finally, the Righteous Judge turns his face towards the prosecuting attorney, who is Satan. He had no defense attorney. And the court refused to provide him with one. The language of the Righteous Judge went something like this: “You were the perpetrator all along. You were the one in the garden to temp Eve. You tried to murder my Righteous Advocate when He made his advent into their world. You rose up against me long ago, and exalted yourself as God. Your case is without merit, groundless, and full of contempt. He was cast into outer darkness, in chains, until the last day when the executioner will bring him forth for his death.

In essence, that is a picture of the spiritual courtroom of God where the elect were set free.

What did we have to do with all of this? Nothing. Nothing apart from our crimes against the Righteous Judge of the Universe. You see, Salvation is by grace, freely given by our Righteous Advocate, Jesus Christ.

-­‐Neil M. Phelan, JR., Pastor, Harmony Primitive Baptist Church


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