Indescribable Jesus

15 October 2012

Jesus is indescribable. By that I mean we, as humans, do not have the ability to describe Him as gloriously as He really is. Words are limited. Expressions fall short.

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The human mind is incapable of wrapping itself around the fullness of His glory. So, to give us a hint of His majesty, God, in His holy word, has given us some finite glimpses of Jesus, His offices, His person, and His attributes with many words and expressions. Almost every letter in the alphabet has one or more expressions of His glorious person. Brother Rakes and I used to sit out under the stars and go through this list, and what each one means. Consider a few of them with me today.

A: Adam; Advocate; Almighty; Alpha; Amen; Angel; Anointed; Apostle; Arm; Author.

B: Beginning; Beloved; Bishop; Blessed; Branch; Bread of life; Bridegroom; Bright and morning star; Brightness of the Father’s glory.

C. Captain; Carpenter; Chief Shepherd; Chief corner stone; Chiefest among ten thousand; Child; Chosen; Christ; Commander; Consolation; Corner stone.

D. Daysman; Dayspring; Day star; Deliverer; Desire of all nations; Door.

E. Elect; Emmanuel; Ensign; Eternal life; Everlasting Father.

F. Faithful; Finisher of our faith; First and last; First begotten; Foundation; Fountain; Forerunner; Friend of sinners.

G. Glory of Israel; God; Good Master; Governor; Great Shepherd; Good Shepherd.

H. Head of the church; Heir of all things; High priest; Holy One; Holy Thing; Hope; Horn of salvation.

I. I AM; Image of God; Israel; Immanuel.

J. Jesus; Jehovah; Just Man; Just One.

K. King; King of kings.

L. Lamb; Life; Leader; Light; Living bread; Living stone; Lion of the tribe of Judah; Lord.

M. Man Christ Jesus; Man of sorrows; Master; Mediator; Messenger; Messiah; Mighty God; Mighty One; Minister; Most Holy; Most mighty.

N. Nazarene.

O. Offspring of David; Only begotten; Only wise God.

P. Passover; Potentate; Power of God; Physician; Precious corner stone; Priest; Prince; Prophet; Propitiation.

R. Rabbi; Rabboni; Ransom; Redeemer; Resurrection; Redemption; Righteous branch; Righteous Judge; Root of David; Rose of Sharon; Ruler.

S. Salvation; Sanctification; Sanctuary; Savior; Sceptre; Seed of David; Seed of the woman; Servant; Shepherd; Son of God; Sun of righteousness; Stone of stumbling; Sure foundation.

T. Teacher; True God; True vine; Truth.

U. Unspeakable gift.

V. Very Christ.

W. Way; Wisdom; Witness; Wonderful; Word.

These are just a few glorious expressions given to us by inspiration. It is a special blessing to meditate upon each one, consider what they mean to us personally, and how they work together for our salvation. -NMP


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