Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

15 August 2012

Through the centuries, more ink has stained the pages of history to describe One person above all others. Of course, that person is Jesus Christ.

More has been said, and written about Jesus than any athlete, movie star, performer, king or conqueror. I remember John Lennon making the statement that the Beatles were as popular as Jesus. I talked to a young person the other day and they had never heard of the Beatles.

While some have, in their integrity, attempted to portray Jesus as honestly as they could, others have used their credentials to misrepresent, defame and deceive their audience. You may be one of those. So let’s put Him to the test. “Will the real Jesus please stand up?”

Some claim that Jesus was not God. He was just an angel. Really? Did they get that in the Marvel comic book or something? Angels are created beings. Jesus claimed He was “I AM”, which means that He had no beginning nor has an end…and He proved it. Again, angels do not bleed. Angels cannot be nailed to a cross. The word angel means messenger. In that sense Jesus was an angel. But He was also the bright and morning star as well as a hundred or more other adjectives that were used to describe the Indescribable. So, I guess we could call Him a star if we would call him an angel only.

Some have said that Jesus was just a good man. Good men are hard to find. The Bible says there are none. Yet, they say He was. Yet, how could Jesus be a good man if He lied His whole life? He said He was God. He said He came down from heaven. He said He had a kingdom. He said, He said, He said. No, if Jesus was only a man he was the biggest liar that ever lived. Shallow thinking.

Some say that Jesus was God, but that He was not a part of the Holy Trinity: the Son of God. I am not sure why that bothers people but when you see three people, and two of them are talking at the same time, as they did when Jesus was baptized, it is only logical to assume that there are three Persons present. Either Jesus did a lot of talking to Himself, or he was a good ventriloquist…or he was the Son of God.
The most popular fad is to say that Jesus was only a prophet equal to other prophets of other religions. Well, He did prophesy, which, by the way, was another adjective used to describe Him. Yet, there was something about this prophet that was different from other prophets that he is compared to. This prophet prophesied His own death, burial, and resurrection. The other prophets have graves that you may visit. His prophecies came true - theirs didn’t. Wouldn’t you say there was more to Jesus than just a prophet?

Some say that they refuse to believe in a God they cannot explain, or fully understand: Jesus being God, and man? So they defame Jesus to something simple enough for their tiny brains. They can’t understand quantum physics, but they think they should fully understand the God that created it. Do you think the human brain can fully comprehend the One that created the human brain? That is like asking the light bulb to comprehend Thomas Edison.

There is a common thread that runs through all of these. Some people just don’t like the real Jesus. Yet, His record stands. He stands as the most famous person in all the universe. He is loved by millions. He has a kingdom. He stood up from the grave. He has stood up in the hearts and lives of millions in their times of trials, difficulties, and losses. He stood for His people when no one else would. He has stood the test of time, the test of slander, the test of false witnesses. That is the most wonderful thing about Jesus…He stands. -NMP


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