"Innocent Blood"

21 June 2011

"These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood" -Proverbs 6:16,17.

God is a God of love. All love emanates forth from His divine presence. Yet, there are many things that God hates. Seven of those things are given to us by Solomon to adjust our thinking to be like our Holy Father's. Today, we focus our attention upon just one of these principles: the shedding of "innocent blood".

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"Innocent Blood"

Uploaded: May. 30 2011


Innocent blood is blood that flows through the veins of people who have done no sin; they have committed no crimes; they have slandered no one; they have not dishonored their Creator. Innocent blood is blood that flows through the veins of people who can not speak for themselves; they have no voice; they have no choice; no vote; no platform; no defense. If you will look the world over you will find no blood more innocent that the blood of the unborn child.

Infanticide is not a political issue. It is a MORAL issue. It always has been. As Solomon said in another place, "There is no new thing under the sun". The shedding of innocent blood has always been a sin. God punished Israel for offering their newborn babies to the false god, Molech, in the valley of Hinnom. A great brass statue was prepared to this image, heated with fire, into whose hands the baby was placed. The ceremonial drums would beat ever so loudly to drown out the screams of the innocent blood. This they did for their economy, that the false gods would bless their crops. It was Pharaoh that commanded the midwives to throw the male Hebrew children into the river Nile which was one of his gods. Herod commanded the death of all the children that were in Bethlehem, from two years old and under to slay the Messiah. All of those destroyed were innocent. Today, modern science has made the shedding of innocent blood, not only more convenient, but also less messy. The have invented the abortion pill, the morning after pill, and convenient store clinics to take care of the innocent blood secretly and silently.

According to God, life begins at conception. John the Baptist was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost while he was in his mother's womb. I am persuaded that countless others, whose innocent blood has been shed, have been as well. We live in a day where there seems to be a lot of grey areas concerning what is right and wrong. Modern science can confuse things. But remember, there is a big difference between a birth control pill, which comes before conception, and something used to destroy a life after conception. Many arguments are given in favor of abortion, but 95+% of all abortions are for reasons of convenience; not incest, not rape, not the physical condition of the unborn, and not the threatened health of the mother. 75% of the expectant mothers said the child would interfere with their personal lives. That is a tragedy. We would wonder whose life they interfered with when they were born?

This article is not to add misery to those who have participated in this sin. This article is to shed light upon the way that God thinks; to prevent others from making a mistake in ignorance; to bring those who have sinned to a place of repentance and forgiveness. Pray for the innocent!-NMP