9 April 2005

"Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

If you are a Christian, you will be put to the test. You will face the evil day. Satan knows you have enlisted in the King's army and he will march his garrison of imps right up to the town of mansoul and seek to enter and destroy you at your weakest point. Thus, the apostle has encouraged us to put on the "whole" armour of God that we might stand in that evil day.

This is wisdom: to understand we are in a battle. Many a warrior has been ambushed, not knowing there was a hidden enemy seeking to cast down a precious soul. Satan has many methods, thus, we are encouraged to put on the "whole" armour of God. If he is not casting a ladder over the wall to climb into our citadel, he is digging under it or throwing a battering ram against the door. Sometimes, he uses a spy to enter the city and set it on fire. His methods are unending as we see his personal encounters with many of the patriarchs. David, Moses, Abraham, the apostles, even our Lord faced the tempter. Peter described Satan as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may destroy. Christian, today you may be at the top of his list. He may be in the bush just outside your door. Have you suited up for the day?  Perhaps you are one of those who have chosen not to fight, you are having too much fun in the world to trouble yourself with swords and shields. Allow me to say this: whether you like it or not; whether you want to fight or not; whether you choose to put on the whole armour or not; the enemy will engage you and seek to destroy. You will have an evil day! If we are genuine Christians there is a fight on our hands. It seems to me, that the only way we can prove what we are in this world, is to engage. As Spurgeon said, "Dead fish float down stream". Every Christian swims against the current, against the flow of the world and there is a holy resistance that must be employed. There is no armour for the back.

Christian, what is your evil day? We seem to get confused on this point. We try to make it out to be some unordinary experience, some big thing that is witnessed by the whole world, when the evil day is found in the ordinary trenches of life. What is your greatest struggle? Therein is your place to stand! Daily, Satan uses lust, greed, envy, vain regrets, jealousy, depression, addictions, discouragement, hatred, fear and anger to name a few of his most popular methods. Though they have been the same throughout the centuries, he has a way of refashioning them for each particular season to make them all the more attractive ... .and he knows which one works the best on you. Perhaps he has won a battle or two with you. Remember, the Lord Jesus has won the war, He has dealt the death blow to the tempter's head. Re-enlist through repentance and be ready to stand for the next day. Be in God's house this Sunday, for there, and there alone, you will find your armour.

-Neil Phelan, Jr., Pastor, Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, Donaldson