July 2001

1 July 2001

HARMONY NEWSLETTER July 2001 From the pastor Greetings in the name of our great Lord Jesus Christ. We have much to be thankful for. Our annual meeting was very blessed. I have received several letters and phone calls from ministers and visitors expressing the blessing they received at the meeting. We enjoyed visitors from our sister churches, friends and family in the immediate area, as well as brothers and sisters from several states. Every sermon seemed to be blessed. During the meeting I observed children asking preachers questions, I saw people weeping, I saw people rejoicing, I saw people convicted by the Holy Ghost and I heard of several who made mention of their desire to confess their Lord by public Baptism. If your were not there you missed a blessing. I appreciated the spirit of the ministry present. I was also blessed by the variety of subjects that were addressed by the ministry. I have listed the ministers and their topics in our tape ministry section. If there is a message you would like to obtain, please let us know and we will be happy to send you a free copy of the discourse. What is happening at Donaldson Harmony Church is scheduled to host the South Arkansas Association beginning September 13th, Thursday night, before the 3rd Sunday. Let us begin to pray for this meeting, mark our calendars and invite our friends that God's house will be full. I hope that every member of Harmony Church will make a special effort to attend each service as we welcome and minister to our visitors. As I write this letter we are breaking ground for our new study which will be added to the south east corner of our meeting house. In our last newsletter we made mention of the options that were available to us depending upon the funds available to us. We must give thanks to the Lord for His kind hand upon us. Just a few weeks after our last newsletter we had the funds to begin our study project on the back corner of our facility which was the most desirable, yet most expensive location. I appreciate the response we have received from the Lord's people for this project. Too many times the Lord's people do not go forward with the burdens before them because they fear defeat. Israel would not cross Jordan because they feared the giants in the land, the great walled cities and their numerous inhabitants. Yet, God's promise was to give it to them. All they had to do was believe God's promises and go forward, putting forth some effort. God provides His people with all the gifts and assets they need to accomplish His particular purpose for that people. As pastor, I say, "let us arise and build." There is much land to yet be possessed. Let us not be complacent and accept the status quo. Let us seek God's face and ask Him what He would have us to be today. I appreciate the financial help we have received for this addition, "The Lord loveth a cheerful giver". I know in my heart that there are those who cheerfully gave to this project that are rejoicing as they read these words of victory. Yes, it is a victory every time Zion prevails in a project. I wonder many blessings satan has defeated. To me, one of the saddest statements in the bible is, "And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief"-Mat 13:58. Yes, God was able, yet their unbelief obstructed their blessings. God wants us to believe in His mighty power and act accordingly. I appreciate the labor that has already gone into the ground breaking as I look forward to this additional space for study, counseling and projects. Truly, our people "have a mind to work." We hope to have it finished by the time of our association. Over the past few years I have felt a need to spend some one on one time with each family, as well as with our visitors. Not only is it important for the members to fellowship and know one another as we mentioned in our last newsletter, it is equally important for the pastor to fellowship with every member and give them the opportunity to ask questions and minister to the particular needs of each individual. Whether it was grade school, high school, or college, it seemed to me that the best teachers were those who were approachable and offered their personal time for individual students. Many did not need it. But there were those students, who either needed it to survive, or those who wanted to learn every detail, that would frequent the office of these teachers. The teaching of God's word should be taken just as seriously. It was Elder Edward Cagle who encouraged me to take the time to visit with each family personally. I remember a show I saw when I was a child and the parson showed up at a home unannounced and the response was, "Oh, no, here comes the parson". I do not want to intrude upon the privacy of our families, yet, I know there must be a happy medium. I hope to begin at the beginning of our church directory, in alphabetical order, and contact each family. If they do not want or require such a visit that is fine. I will have at least afforded each member the opportunity and privilege of a pastoral call. If you have had biblical questions, or your children have had questions, I encourage you to keep a notebook of them that we might discuss them on our visit. Also, I will be contacting our visitors and see if they would enjoy such a visit. Over the past few years there has been some discussion of an additional song book at our church. On one occasion, I put a loose leaf copy of the Old School Hymnal out for people to choose some songs they would like to have printed in a supplemental book for our church. Since that time I have realized that the cost of printing a supplemental book would be more than actually purchasing brand new copies of the Old School Hymnal. I spoke to Elder Bradley today and learned that the new edition will be out at the end of August and the cost will be about $10.00 per copy. This book has many songs in it that our book does not have, songs like, "Great is Thy Faithfulness", "Blessed Assurance", "A Mighty Fortress", "He Leadeth Me", "How Great Thou Art", "Precious Memories" just to name a few. I believe it is good to have some fresh material to sing as long as the songs are biblical and "Spiritual songs". At this time I will ask our church to pray about this additional songbook and see if there is an interest in adding it to our worship service. TAPE MINISTRY As we have said, the preaching was outstanding at our annual meeting. Sister Judy Newman has done a wonderful job in our tape room. She reports to have made over 200 copies of tapes from our meeting. There is no charge for our tapes as we enjoy this evangelical effort to publish the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray the Lord will bless these messages to the hearts of the hearers. We have also received a great response to our Sunday morning messages. I hope to post some of the letters we have received on our web page. The following is a list of the sermons preached at our annual meeting. If you would like a copy of any of these sermons please write to us and let us know. Thursday night: Elder Donnie Halbgewachs-"Christ, Our Passover" Elder Edward Cagle-"Search the Scriptures" Friday morning: Elder Carl Staten-"Who is our vision" Elder Loyce Fuller-"Forgiveness of Sin" Friday Afternoon: Elder Harold Stumbaugh-"The Word of God" Elder Vince Hardy-"Search the Scriptures" Friday Night: Elder Charles Kitchens-"Faith, belief and practice" Elder Ronald Lawrence-"Our Countenance" Saturday Morning: Elder Ronald Lawrence-"The God of all Comfort" Elder J.R. Rakes-"Why hast thou forsaken me?" Saturday Afternoon: Elder Andrew Huffman-"Better than magic" Elder Steven Bloyd-"God of all mercy" Saturday Night: Elder Glen Blanchard-"Be a Peacemaker" Elder J.R. Rakes-"Our fellowship is with God and His Son" Sunday Morning: Elder Dickie Halbgewachs-"Redemption through His blood" Elder Glen Blanchard-"Be Baptized" FELLOWSHIP Since the time of our last newsletter we enjoyed our second annual visit to Lake Catherine State Park. Our membership enjoyed some good fellowship and got a little exercise as we hiked the beautiful trials of the Ouachita mountains. Brother Jack Clayton cooked some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill after our hike. This seems to be one of our favorite places. We have set aside the 3rd Sunday in July as another time of family fellowship. Members Leon and Patti Burris have graciously offered their beautiful home to us. We plan on having home made ice cream, watermelons as we enjoy an old fashioned picnic with sac races and other games. Bring your ice cream makers and favorite recipes. Book review We recently began a series on the books of the Bible. Presently we are in the book of Genesis. In our library are several books on the subject of creation. One of my favorites is a book written by Scott Huse, entitled, "The Collapse of Evolution". This book contains some wonderful information defending the biblical account of creation. It can be easily read by any age group. Please remember to fill out the cards on the inside flap of our books and don't forget to return them after you have read them. We have several books that have been out for over a year. REMEMBER IN PRAYER Sister Addye Jacobs receiving chemotherapy Brother Dallas Stafford urinary tract infection Sister Leona Sandage suffer from a fall in her home Sister Theresa Cothern's daughter is to undergo cancer surgery. Sister Jean Thomason respiratory tract infection Brother Mike Burnett heart surgery If you know of others who need our prayers, please let us know. For THE CHILDREN The following questions are from sermons delivered over the past few months. Parents, if you want your children to grow in grace and learn from His word, you must faithfully bring them to church. (1) From the Father's day sermon, what does God's word tell us the primary role of the father in the home is? a. To buy the children toys. b. To buy their teenagers a car. c. To provide a college education. d.To be prestigious in the community. e. To be the spiritual leader of his family. (2) What does "Bible" mean? a. Stories b. God c. Holy d. Book (3) What version of the bible has God preserved for us today? a. The RV-Revised Version of King James Bible b. The NKJV-New King James Version of the Bible c. The NIV translation d. The AV of the King James Bible (4) What verse in the bible is most criticized and condemned by our enemies? a. John 3:16 b. The ten commandments c. Genesis 1:1 (5) Is there anything wrong with mothers staying at home with their children and families? (6) How many days did God use to create all things?a. 7 b. 1 c. 40 d. 6 (7) What does "Genesis" mean? a. genetics b. God c. beginning Answers: (1)e. (2)d. (3)d. (4)c. (5)no (6)d. (7)c.