1 September 1999

" ... .Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her"-Luke 10:42
Today, our thoughts are centered around a special visit our Lord made to the home of some of His friends. It was the home of Mary and Martha. These were the two sisters of Lazarus, that same Lazarus that Jesus called forth from the tomb. It was Mary that washed His feet with her tears, wiped them with the hairs of her head and anointed His body with ointment. From His short visit we may learn a lot about Jesus, as well as ourselves, and discover what Mary found to be "that good part." HE VISITS US IN OUR HOMES Today, we will find Jesus in many of the same places that we found Him during His earthly ministry. One of those is in the hearts and homes of people that love Him. Though He is Lord of heaven and earth, he owned no property. He lived with His friends. He did not beg, nor do we find Him burdensome to others. But to those who cherished His companionship He made His abode. From this we may learn that our religion should be more than a Sunday morning or Wednesday night event. Fellowship with Jesus may be enjoyed every day. I am not suggesting that we "forsake the assembling of ourselves together" only to seek Him in our homes. The assembling of the Saints was ordained of God. The light of our public testimony should shine ever so bright and we must be present for it to do so. But we are not to put our religion in a compartment only to be taken out once or twice a week. "That good part" transcends beyond the public worship. From personal experience, I have enjoyed many rich and blessed experiences with Him in the confines of my home. In prayer, in study, in meditation I have found His presence. Perhaps you are physically unable to be in God's house on the Sabbath day; perhaps you are in a jail cell as Paul and Silas were; perhaps the winds of persecution have driven you and your family into a den or a cave. Be encouraged, "that good part" may be enjoyed any day; any time; and at any place. ZEAL MEETS WITH DISCOURAGEMENT In her zeal to sit at the feet of Jesus, Mary's sister was a source of discouragement. Instead of saying, "My sister is seated where I should be", Martha rebukes her sister for her devotions. Zeal will always meet Mr. and Mrs. Discouragement. Satan sends them immediately. Zeal has stirred up their nest; exposed their complacency and set an example that they should have already followed. Is that not why God sent Zeal to His house? "That good part" is reserved for those we find in such a posture. FELLOWSHIP BROKEN BY DOMESTIC AFFAIRS It is not the big things that hinder our fellowship with Jesus. It is the simple, every day whirl of life. Was it not so with Martha? While we should not criticize Martha unjustly for her labors, we must agree with our Lord that Mary had chosen the best part. It is a matter of priority! Martha was busy banging pans and preparing meats while Mary enjoyed "that good part". Yes, meals must be served, household affairs must be run, jobs are to be held down and all the necessary burdens of life must be diligently observed. Jesus is not teaching us to be slothful people. But in the common whirl of life, when do we find the time to sit at the feet of Jesus? It seems to me that Satan has designed more gadgets, more hobbies, more books, more methods of entertainment than a person could explore in a lifetime. People are busy keeping up with the latest diet book than the Book of Books. They wake up with the Good Morning America, spend their day with the soap opera and go to bed with the late night host. "That good part" is lost in a whirlwind of activity. No wonder there is so much depression. "That good part" doeth good like a medicine. It produces a merry heart(Prov. 17:22). THAT GOOD PART But what is that good part? It is Mary's posture. She is in a posture of submission to Jesus. She has come apart from the world to give Him her full attention. She has given Him her ears, her eyes, her feet and her heart. She is anxious to learn any thing that He has to say. And according to Jesus, "it shall not be taken away from her." Though riches may take wings and fly away; Dagon may fall; the stock market may crash; the economy collapse; this treasure does not belong to this world. It is out of Satan's reach! These experiences leave indelible memories in our heart and soul. While we will forget the headlines of last week, these experiences will be carried all the way to glory. May we learn from Mary and look for every opportunity to sit at Jesus feet. I wonder what He said that day?!!! Come and worship with us at Harmony Primitive Baptist Church, at Donaldson, where God is sovereign, and salvation is by His abundant and amazing grace. Services begin at 10:30 each Sunday morning. By His mercy and grace, Neil Phelan, Jr., Pastor